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Doctors without Borders

Doctors with Borders is an NGO that’s familiar to us, and that’s because it reaches all over the world to help. With many NGO’s strongly condemning Syria for using chemical weapons and inflicting terror on the Syrian people, some have decided to help regardless. DWB was not granted permission to operate in Syria by authorities, and there’s a simple reason for that. DWB along with other human rights organizations who have Anglo-American interests in fact lied in regards to massacres in Syria to further fuel what was then a very likely western intervention.

Doctors with Borders however has gained access into Syria, and operates 6 hospitals in rebel controlled areas. While DWB might seem as an independent organization, the organization is being bankrolled by the same corporate interests behind Wall Street and London’s foreign policy. This includes big names like Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg, and numerous others. All the corporate companies however wanted a regime change in Syria, so it’s not surprising access was denied and DWB had to sneak in. Since arriving, DWB doctors have set up shelters where they performed surgeries around the clock on innocent victims of the conflict. An estimated 7,000 children have died as result of the war, and some it left with gruesome injuries or missing limbs.

Conditions in Syria however have not been suitable for performing in. DWB doctors have performed surgeries in caves, chicken farms, and in peoples houses. While it is convenient, it isn’t the best care patients could get something that many won’t be able to see until the conflict dies down. With millions displaced from their homes and thousands injured, it becomes a global dilemma to help the Syrian people. While currently the country is overrun with Islamist fighting groups, the Free Syrian Army (western sponsored) is largely ignored as youth join groups that include Al-Qaeda.




By: Rohan Kohli


NGO – Women for Women’s Human Rights

by Jessica Stone

Women for Women’s Human Rights – NEW WAYS was founded in 1993 “to promote women’s human rights and to support the active and broad participation of women as free individuals and equal citizens in the establishment and maintenance of a democratic and peaceful order at national, regional and international levels.”  It was formed to address basic human rights violations that women experience in the workplace and at home.  In Turkey, women are deprived of schooling and face forced marriage, prohibition from work, domestic violence, and honor crimes and killings.

As part of WWHR-New Way’s first field research as an official NGO in 1993, researchers

Turkish women protest restrictions on abortion rights. Source:  The Guardian
Turkish women protest restrictions on abortion rights. Source: The Guardian

discovered that women in Turkey’s most populated cities are “unaware of the rights granted to them by the law.”  Furthermore, according to its website, this research verified that “…women’s lives in Turkey are shaped by patriarchal practices, traditions and customs that govern all social zones, rather than the legal rights obtained on paper. Additionally, the patriarchal practices did not take into consideration the needs and the expectations of women, including sexual and reproductive rights.”  With this knowledge, WWHR – New Way has called for the eradication of gender roles in Turkish society with activism, advocacy, and lobbying.  The NGO’s efforts have been imperative for accomplishing various legal reforms in Turkey, networking in Muslim societies, and promotion of women’s equal human rights at the United Nations level.  The NGO has worked with the Economic & Social Council of the UN, which provides consultation on difficult affairs.

The NGO developed the Human Rights Education Program for Women (HREP) to inform and cultivate Turkish women’s knowledge of their human rights.  Since its implementation in 1995, the nation-wide outreach has reached more than 7,500 women in 42 Turkish provinces.  But the outreach extends much further – participants have become a resource for equality and advocacy in their community so that other women can develop – and hone – necessary skills to improve their confidence when handling personal adversities on a daily basis.  Together, women from all parts of Turkey have become active agents in advocacy efforts for social reform on the national and international level.  Lastly, HREP has initiated and is coordinating “The Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR)”, the first active solidarity network in Muslim societies for the promotion of sexual and reproductive health and human rights.

Source: Women for Women’s Rights “About Us” Page

Near East Foundation

NEF has worked in Jordan since 1937 in areas pertaining to literacy, agriculture, and development. With six offices in Amman, the foundation works closely with other NGO’s to strengthen local communities through development. NEF focuses on environmental issues, finance and attempts to solve the lack of water problem.

In 2008 the foundation organized a project called “Poverty Pockets” which primarily invests money and energy on establishing development on local economies. The project looks at the poorest areas in Jordan and finds different ways to increase economic growth by creating money generating jobs. By promoting investment and encouragement innovation, the project establishes small lending loans and grants. Additionally, the project helps to improve and create local business, public schools, health centers and public community. The primary donor to this project is Jordanian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperations (MOPIC). NEF and MOPIC work together to achieve all the goals that would help to build up a poor community. Foundations such as NEF builds a positive relationship with other NGO’s and in return they work together to give the local people opportunities that they would not have if the NGO was not present in that country.


Posted by Irina Franz