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Near East Foundation

NEF has worked in Jordan since 1937 in areas pertaining to literacy, agriculture, and development. With six offices in Amman, the foundation works closely with other NGO’s to strengthen local communities through development. NEF focuses on environmental issues, finance and attempts to solve the lack of water problem.

In 2008 the foundation organized a project called “Poverty Pockets” which primarily invests money and energy on establishing development on local economies. The project looks at the poorest areas in Jordan and finds different ways to increase economic growth by creating money generating jobs. By promoting investment and encouragement innovation, the project establishes small lending loans and grants. Additionally, the project helps to improve and create local business, public schools, health centers and public community. The primary donor to this project is Jordanian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperations (MOPIC). NEF and MOPIC work together to achieve all the goals that would help to build up a poor community. Foundations such as NEF builds a positive relationship with other NGO’s and in return they work together to give the local people opportunities that they would not have if the NGO was not present in that country.


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Downtown Amman, Jordan

Quick Facts about Jordan from CIA:

  • Population: 6,482,081
  • Ethnic Groups:      Arab 98%, Circassian 1%, Armenian 1%
  • Religions: Sunni Muslim 92% (official), Christian 6% (majority Greek Orthodox, but some Greek and Roman Catholics, Syrian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, and Protestant denominations), other 2% (several small Shia Muslim and Druze populations) (2001 est.)
  • Government Type:  Constitutional Monarchy

According to The Jordan Times, on Friday hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Amman to express their unhappiness and disapproval  with the latest economic policies , failure on the government for not including the opposition representatives and not providing unity throughout the government to reflect a the larger  representation of the Jordanian society.  As of right now Jordan has been one of the countries where the Arab Spring has not affected them and it is going to be interesting to see if this protest will spread and create a further impact to the point where the government will take actions against the protesters.                                                                                  Posted by Irina Franz