Children Sans Frontiers in Sudan

Children Sans Frontiers is an NGO that works across many African countries. The founders of the organization were deeply affected when they traveled across Africa. After they saw many different countries, they realized the suffering many children were facing and decided to do something about it. Their mission is to bring hope, opportunities and a future to children who might not have the means to succeed alone.

The mission statement of Children Sans Frontiers includes five points: 1) to provide aid for the relief of famine, 2) to advance the education of children in need, 3) to award scholarships to those who want to study, 4) to cooperate with other relief organizations and 5) to do anything else in their power to help the children live better lives.

Children Sans Frontiers

Anyone can make a donation to the organization, and they divide up the donations to the charities they support. However, if you want to donate money to one specific cause, you can choose the beneficiary from a list of organizations they support. One of the guidelines of their operations is that no members of the organization are allowed to profit from any involvement in the organization.

All money has to cover operating costs, be used for a Children Sans Frontiers project, or be donated to a different charity organization they support. Some of the organizations they are currently supporting are The British Red Cross, the Fistula Hospital of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, and their own efforts to help reduce suffering in Syria.

The reason why Children Sans Frontiers appeals so much to me is because of my desire to help others. I feel we are blessed to live in a country where attacks similar the ones occurring in Syria do not happen frequently, if at all in recent history. Since I was young, I have had a drive to serve others and help those less fortunate than I am. If I had a year to volunteer with an organization that helps others, I would love to work with Children Sans Frontiers in how they coordinate their resources.

Posted by Courtney Doll


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