Worlds Highest Twitter Penetration

Worlds Highest Twitter Penetration

When you think of what country would have the most users on twitter, which country do you think of? The answer is Saudi Arabia. Does this answer surprise you? Well a surprising 41% of Saudi Arabian internet users have accounts on Twitter. While this number puts them in the lead for number of twitter users in proportion to area and population, the actual number of users is small. Only 54% of the population in Saudi Arabia uses the internet. So actually only about 6 million internet users are on twitter as compared to the 40 million users in the US. Only about 18% of the United States’ internet users are on twitter.

The rapid spread of Twitter in Saudi Arabia can be attributed to three main reasons, the largest two being the availability of high-speed Internet and smart mobile devices.

Smart phone penetration in the Kingdom exceeds 72 percent. The hot climate also makes the Internet in general and social networking sites in particular a real resort for the youth.
Thirdly, a large group of journalists, intellectuals and athletes, as well as foreigners residing in the Kingdom, use Twitter network to communicate with each other and discuss various social and local issues and developments in the Arab world.
These factors and others have contributed to the creation of more than a million new accounts on Twitter during the past year alone.

Posted By: Brittany Lintner



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