Jordanian Cuisine

Jordanian_FoodThe Jordanian cuisine is extremely festive and is heavily influenced by Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. Pretty much every mealtime is a social event, where people gather together to share the prepared food. There is a large variety of cooking styles in Jordan but it is mostly the authentic meals such as shish kababs, shish taouks,and stuffing of vegetables (grape leaves, eggplants,etc) that stand apart from any other country.  Hummus is a very common and delicious appetizer that is eaten with freshly backed pita bread. “Mansaf is a Bedouin dish and often symbolizes a occasion. Mansaf consists of Arabic rice, a rich broth made from dry sour milk (jameed), and either lamb or chicken.” One can say that Jordanian cuisine highly resembles the Greek cuisine or Mediterranean cuisine.

The collective manner of sharing each meal, allows the Jordanian people to express their hospitality and generosity towards any guests and extended family members.  All the meals are put into appealing arrangements and that allows a person to get what they want easily.  Food is extremely important to Jordanian families because it reflects their culture and tradition.

Posted by Irina Franz


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