Women’s Rights Struggle in Jordan

jordan-s6-c30Although Jordan seems to be moving in a positive direction towards their future in area’s such as economy, environment and politics, the country is at standstill when it comes to women’s rights. Recently Jordan has seen a rise in women protesters on the streets. The women are strongly unsatisfied with their limited role in the country and politics. Women’s issues are not a priority for the country and the women are finally getting enough courage and strength to take their objections to the streets. It is estimated that approximately 55 percent of higher education is received by women. Yet, it is still not enough for the males to take notice of this fact. Most leadership positions are held by the males and the females are not even considered for these positions.

Recently Jordan updated their constitution to fit the countries pathway for the future. However, gender equality was absent and this pushed the women to form a protest against the absent of their rights. Recent studies show that women’s rights are being left behind or taken away due to  the Arab Spring. Many Muslim countries are looking towards conservative religions for some guidance.  Jordanian women need to keep pushing till they get some positive results from their government.

Posted by Irina Franz



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