Jordan’s culture is very unique compared to other countries. When it comes to conversation,  Jordanians love to talk about religion but not if you are trying to push a different religion on  them. If you are trying to take the missionary approach, it might hurt your relationship with that person. They aren’t opposed  talking about money  such as  wages, rent, and other money related items. One thing you should try to avoid is asking them about their personal relationships with their spouses. This is considered very impolite. They enjoy talking about  soccer because it is the sport that brings the communities together. Talking about current event could be risky, especially if it’s about the west or Israel.

Gift giving can be tricky. Usually when you provide a gift to a family, it means that you are better off than them. Most of the time they will not get offended especially if you do it in secret or if you bring the gift to the children. Begging is extremely normal in Jordan. Actually, the beggars are considered to be sophisticated and well-trained and surprisingly the  profession is not considered to be t the bottom of professions. When it comes to expressing themselves, when Jordanians use quiet voices it shows that the person is well matured and respected. Loud voices reflect their emotional state, it could be love, grief or hate. Standing close to each other is actually very common and should not be surprising. Overall, Jordanians are extremely welcoming and nice people to all who enter their home.

Posted by Irina Franz


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