UN’s Involvement in Jordan

According to the UN, it appears that Jordan is substantially involved in UN. The United Nations presence is strongly felt in Jordan by having other 16 different agencies throughout the state. These agencies address humanitarian issues along with development. No single agency can act alone in order to be fully beneficial thus they work together to work on issues such as reducing poverty and sustaining the environment. Additionally, the agencies do focus more on younger generations so they can grow in a healthy and optimistic environment.

Agency such as United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) works on providing young children proper education when it comes to treating  the environment with respect by teaching them how to recycle and reuse various materials. Also,  the UNWomen agency is highly present in Jordan by providing economic empowerment and focuses on ending violence against women. Lastly, the agency tries to develop leadership and political involvement for the female gender so they can have better equality between the two genders.  The United Nations pays close attention to human rights issues by enhancing social equality in Jordan.  Although it appears that Jordan does not have much influence in UN, it is evident that UN has strong influence in Jordan.

Posted by Irina Franz




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