Egypt Popular Culture

By Congrong Zheng

Talking about Egypt Pop culture, I want to start with a news piece about Egypt weeding. I was quite impressed by this article from Zambia Daily Mail, talks about Egypt marriage.


“In an Islamic state like Egypt, and a city like Cairo, where men have the liberty to marry up to four wives, provisions made by Islam and of course in line with the requirements, I wonder how many of the couples are first timers,” says Ndey Kumba Demba, a journalist from The Gambia attending a training course in Cairo organised by the African Media Training Centre, Ministry of Media, Egypt.However, for the Egyptians, there is nothing strange about weddings happenings any day of the week. It is a culture they are used to, what they are however used to is the holding of weddings during the day or afternoon. Largely because of the crisis which erupted following the ouster of Egypt’s first democratically-elected President Mohamd Morsi, the interim government which was ushered into office has declared a state of emergency and a curfew which compels residents to be in-doors earlier than they are used to.


In movie industry, BBC news has reported that “Abdo Mota” a very popular and unusal hero movie showed in Nov.2012.Abdo Mota is the unlikely hero of the film everyone’s talking about in Egypt. He is a “baltagy” – an Arabic term for thug.At one point in the film, Abdo talks triumphantly about his criminal record, listing the people he has hurt and others he has killed.In Egypt these men have been linked to the Mubarak regime. “Abdo Mota offers nothing but the cycle of violence a thug falls into,” said Egyptian film critic Magda Maurice. People loved this movie because they could get connection with this movie easily with their daily life such as violence.


One thought on “Egypt Popular Culture

  1. Egyptian weddings are a fascinating topic. Could you link to the news article? I’d like to read more about it. For example, what does an Islamic wedding look like? Some more details would be excellent.

    A few notes:
    “weeding” should be “wedding”
    “what they are however used to” should be “what they are, however, unused to”

    More detail on the film would be good, too. You could explore the tension between the film critics’ negative perspective on the film and the public’s fascination with it.

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