Egypt actions on environmental issues

By Congrong Zheng

Egypt is part of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals funding program. There is official website about MDG in Egypt, belongs to United Nations Development Program. According to the official website of Millennium Development Goals funding, The MDG Achievement Fund is an international cooperation mechanism whose aim is to accelerate progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) worldwide. It supports national governments, local authorities and citizen organizations in their efforts to tackle poverty and inequality.


Egypt’s environmental problems stem from its aridity, extremely uneven population distribution, shortage of arable land, and pollution. With the new government and existed government policies Egypt is trying to dealing with environment issues everyday.

From the ministry of State of Environmental Affairs website, we could find out that Egypt has passed the The National Environmental Action Plan in 1999, is currently entering its final phase.  The plan is to provide support for the introduction of a participatory and demand-driven environmental planning process. For environmental laws, Law 4/1994, has a greater role with respect to all governmental sectors as a whole. The laws and regulations covering the governmental sector that can be grouped according to the pollutant emissions from various activities.


For a more specific topic, Garbage has always been an severe issue in Egypt. In recent news, Egypt is going to use more local companies to hopefully dealing with this issue. By granting of low-interest credit facilities to local garbage collection companies, in a prelude to taper off and eventually end work with foreign companies.


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