What’s Going On This Week?

Right now in Saudi Arabia, Prince Saud al-Faisal is pushing for war against Syria. In a meeting last week with Secretary of State John Kerry, Saud al-Faisal was reportedly very aggressive in his wishes that the U.S. lead an intervention against Syria. In the past, Saudi  Arabia has kept their dislike for Washington decisions out of public ears, but recently they seem less willing to do so. Perhaps their strategy is to convince the public to support their side.

In recent Saudi cabinet meetings, the Kingdom’s strict views on the crisis in Syria were reaffirmed. The community has been called on to both ‘stop the fighting in Syria immediately,’ and to ‘fulfill their humanitarian responsibilities to save the Syrian people from “genocide.”‘
Saudi Arabia desperately wants to implement an intervention in Syria as soon as they can. Reasons range from humanitarian efforts to a urge to push back against the excesses of an Iranian-backed regime in the heart of the Levant. However, the Kingdom has yet to make a move because they still probably expect the US to do the fighting for them.

In other news, Saudi Arabia may be increasing their imports from Australia in the near future. The Australian State of Victoria exports agricultural products to Saudi Arabia. In fact the Kingdom is one of the largest regional markets for Victoria’s commodities. Victoria and Saudi Arabia are simply looking to strengthen their partnership and possibly expand into the automobile industry. Universities in both countries have also been working together to help their students.



Posted By: Brittany Lintner


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