Environmental Issues in Syria

Much of Syria’s natural forests and vegetation has been depleted by cutting trees for wood and construction material, livestock grazing, and farming. What thick forests used to be in Western Syria are have considerably decreased, and the result of that is desertification. Also due to the repeated foresting and livestock grazing, the soil is not what is used to be causing a loss to farmers and corporations of 300 million dollars! On the other hand we also have two booming industries in Syria which are oil production and refining. Waste from the refining process coupled with the raw sewage from urban centers has degraded and depleted a lot of Syria’s fresh water. Syria had been working with the UN and had ratified international agreements to help protect the ozone layer, endangered species, wetlands, and biodiversity. It has also signed treaties that limit the pollution in bodies of water and safer disposal of hazardous waste. With the current state of the bodies of water that surround Syria, the pre-treatment process for converting it into safe drinking water is quite extensive and expensive. There are ideas in place to reduce the price of producing clean safe drinking water in the region but it hasn’t been currently implemented yet.

With the current state of Syria, many wonder if the climate conditions would get worse as Syria has continued to not listen to the UN, and Bashar Assad has almost taken a threatening position towards other world countries. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the attacks that President Obama wanted to initiate against Syria “outrageous”; he believed that it would destroy any chance of negotiation. With the recent wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, and our uncanny ability to get involved with any major conflict; people are sick of the US being involved in world conflicts. Recent polls taken by CNN show that the majority of the American people do not want to be in another conflict. 69 percent of American’s do not think it is in the national interest of the US to be involved in the conflict in Syria. And when asked if the US launched strikes against Syria would it achieve significant goals for the US, 72 percent believe it would not.





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By: Rohan Kohli


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