Environmental Issue in Libya

By Congrong Zheng


On June 2013, Libya Herald, the new independent Libya daily posted a story about the tough environmental issue of Libya facing now. “Libya faces pressing challenges over water supplies, sewerage treatment and garbage disposal an environmental conference has been told.” Recently  Korea-Libya Environmental Cooperation forum, was held in Korea. The forum was an opportunity for both Libyans and Koreans to develop networking for a more productive cooperation. Since Libya new government was established, lots of constructions of public system projects are under way. It will take time for Libya to finish them up.


Right now, Libya has undertaken a number of major irrigation projects intended to ease the country’s water shortage. The most ambitious is the so-called Great Man-Made River (GMMR), a massive 25-year irrigation scheme begun in 1984. Expected to cost $30 billion, the GMMR is a vast water pipeline system designed to tap the aquifers of the Sarir, Sabha, and Al Kufrah oases in southern Libya and transport fresh water to Libyan towns and agricultural areas along the Mediterranean coast. Although the project’s planners predict that the GMMR could supply Libya with 5 million cubic meters (177 million cubic feet) of water per day when completed, it is unclear how long the water supplies can be exploited.


Read more: http://www.libyaherald.com/2013/06/25/libya-faces-tough-environmental-challenges-say-the-south-koreans/#ixzz2f1ceA78w




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