Lets Talk Environment

Lets Talk Environment

According to recent official reports, climate change is a serious cause for concern in Saudi Arabia.

Increasing global temperatures and rising sea levels are leading to the disruption of many biological and physical systems and also causing drought and flooding.

The Saudi International Environmental Technology Conference has been conducting investigations of waste, pollution, air quality and the deterioration of natural resources. They are working on developing advanced environmental technologies to sustain development in a friendly way.

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world without a river. This lack in underground water resources has caused them to streamline all its projects and programs to the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea.

If Saudi Arabia had more greenhouses they would not need to do this. Greenhouses are for sure on of the most important agricultural techniques for desert climates. This is because they provide great success with protecting, increasing and controlling production, rationing irrigation water and providing sustainable agriculture. Greenhouses today do not entirely meet the needs of Saudi Arabia but efforts are being made to advance greenhouses and tailor them to meet the needs of this country.

Saudi Arabia is working with the United Nations Development Program. According to their reports, Saudi Arabia enjoys a continuing period of rapid economic growth, high income per capita, positive trade and absolutely no public debt. “This process, largely fueled by oil revenues, has been accompanied by high rates of population growth and increasing pressure on the country’s natural resources. The recent published plan — the 8th Development Plan — lays stress on protecting the environment and develop suitable systems consistent with sustainable development.”


Posted By: Brittany Lintner


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