jordan river


As I have mentioned in my previous posts, Jordan’s main concern for the past few years has been the shortage of water. This concern became so alarming that it was made its way on the agenda of many running candidates in Jordan.  This problem became the gateway to talks about environmental issues. One of the propositions in solving the water shortage is to develop new techniques that would capture the rainwater in full potential amounts and exploring other options such as looking for underground water sources. The disposal of nuclear and electronic waste properly is a hot topic and a concern for the environment. Some of the candidates claim, with the backing of scientists, that Jordan’s improper waste disposal has negative effects on the health of the Jordanian people, and it also creates heavy pollution to the land, air and environment as a whole. If the government decides to take action against this issue it would have positive results and not just for the environment. It would help out Jordan’s economy by creating new jobs to fore fill the new job positions to dispose the toxic waste.  The main environmental issue that the state of Jordan is facing is the high depleting water rates from the Dead Sea. This problem has been caused by the agricultural and industrial over uses from the Jordan River.  The sea is facing the possible threat of extinction and it has become an international effort to save the dying sea.  The Red-Dead project has been created to stop the depletion of the Dead Sea by pushing water from the Red Sea to keep the water levels above the concerning rate. The Jordan River is also highly endangered but in the sense that is overwhelming becoming polluted. This is an important problem especially since the water is being shared with neighboring countries such as Israel, West Bank and Syria.  With all of these environmental issues it appears that Jordan has finally taken mini steps in the right direction into reducing these problems.

Posted by Irina Franz


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