Syrian Crisis

With the discovery that chemical weapons were used against Syrian’s citizens by its armed forces, the world news outlets have not stopped printing the repercussions of what will happen. World War 3? And if an action is taken, what is all at stake are important things that world leaders need to keep in mind. As a spokesperson for the government of Great Britain said, “The use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime is a serious crime of international concern, as a breach of the customary international law prohibition on use of chemicals weapons, and amounts to a war crime and a crime against humanity”. I feel already that too many innocent lives have been lost in this bloodshed and we should take action. As everyone is quick to point out, we always seem to be involved in every world conflict; but for once we need to put aside politics and try to help out the Syrian people. People who are getting killed by the same government they once trusted in.

The picture above is one of the regions in the northern city of Syria; Aleppo. The Syrian regime is ruthless, and if an immediate and swift action is not taken place immediately, many more innocent people will be killed. More than a hundred thousand people have died in the two year conflict, and just recently an estimated 1300 women and children are have said to have died from the recently deployed chemical weapons. With the world media not currently allowed in Syria, its hard for us to know whats exactly happening inside the country but with the backing of many UN countries we can take swift action and bring Assad to trial for war crimes.

Currently in place there is a rebel force that is trying to fight back for the rights of the people, but they are overwhelmed by Syria’s government forces that are better equipped and have access to rockets, chemical weapons, and an arsenal of tanks and military air craft. While some supplies were given, the Syrian people just need someone to save them and their families from their own government. The clock keeps ticking as world leaders still ponder what and how exactly to deal with the crisis in Syria

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Posted by Rohan Kohli


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