By Congrong Zheng


Libya, one of the most popular countries in 2011, caught most people’s eyeball because of the assassination of a special leader Muammar Qadhafi. Libya is lightly larger than Alaska with a very dry and hot climate. 90 percent of Libya is desert and semi desert.  The land is mostly barren and depression. There are about 6 million people lived in this country and life expectancy is about 75.83 years old. Majority of them are Arab.

lybia dessert

Libya was controlled by Italy until the end of World War two. At 1951, Libya achieved independence after passed by UN.  Around 1969, Muammar Qadahfi established the his leadership with a combined socialism and Islam. With the revenue from oil and natural gas, Qadahfi has tried to promote his ideology to other parts of the world, by supporting terrorism activities. After UN sanctioned punishment to Libya, Qadahfi had tried to normalize the relationship with Western world. 2011 Qadahfi was killed during the civil war  in Libya. Right now Libya has elected new government and prime minister.

Libya Herald, an independent Libya news agency could be a source to find out what is going in Libya right now.


The latest news from Libya Herald,Developers threaten UNESCO World Heritage site, mentioned that a two thousand-year old necropolis at Cyrene was badly damaged by residents who tried to claim the ownership of land. “local farmers have reportedly brought in excavators and diggers to clear and flatten those areas they plan to sell to developers for future building projects.” This necropolis was one of the five UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage sites in Libya.



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